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New! July 11, 2004 - Reopath 0.5 Expression Parser
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Topicalla is an client application for the Semantic Web. It will eventually be a standalone Gecko-based application (using the GRE). It uses a wide variety of technologies such as RDF, XUL, XBL.

Topicalla allows one to view information using a UI that is generated based on the kind of data available. The user can augment, customize and replace both the data and UI as they see fit. For instance, the user might want to view information about a movie. Data could be provided from different sources, for instance, cast info from one source, reviews from another and showtimes from yet another. The UI, or even parts of it may be provided by yet other sources. In addition, Topicalla provides the ability to search for information and have it presented in various ways.

Topicalla uses a custom template language, which is kind of like XUL templates, but uses an XPath-like language for gathering info from RDF sources. NOTE: This part requires a custom XPCOM component, so I can't really guarantee the cross-platformness of the code.

Currently, only the basics are done. The template system is usable, with a variety of functions available. The client itself can currently display RSS, FOAF and some movie related data, although it you know what you're doing, it can be made to display other data by modifying an RDF file.

You can download the Linux version of the component, created on July 9. It requires Mozilla 1.4.

I sometimes post information about Topicalla on my Weblog.

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The topicalla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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